Tuesday, March 30, 2010

# Rat Pee - Din Beramboi #

Hi peeps... Just now me ade bc kt tweet tweet said that Din Beramboi was in coma condition at Hospital Selayang. He was infected by rats pee when he shot a pet show at d Zoo. Herrmmmm...rats pee can get us into coma...serammm & takot kan... Dis case make me worried to buy a drink in can..yerla kalo kt kedai2 tue...sometimes ade je tikus berkeliaran kan..ntah2 dat tikus ade pee kt mn2 brg kt kedai tue.. So u guys make sure take xtra careful wit dis case..if can,before drink make sure u cleanup ats can dat our lips akn selamat ckit la or better use straw or tuangkan dlm cwn aje. And one more thing,if u see brg2 kt kedai tu agk2 lmm cm dh nk expired don't try to buy it..kdg2 diaorg ni main jual ajekan even dh tau nearly expired.. Anyway s a Muslim pray to Allah hopefully abg Din Beramboi will get well soon. He brough laughter to Msian wout asking do pray for him peepss.. Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device via Vodafone-Celcom Mobile.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

# New Layout #

Hey guys, This will b my 6th trying editing far I suke wit dis layout but need to adjust here & there coz ade yg bape ok lg wit dis layout like for "older post" its appear a navigation button.which I didn't like it..dh xlarat nk pk where hav to code fo dis prob...amik sume coding html me adjust td...most of it try & error.. So gotta sleep now..hubby already lying on the bed.tomorrow we have another wedding invitation. Aft wedding try to edit again dis new layout. I'm hepi wit dis layout..its sooooo me...ninite allzzz.. Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device via Vodafone-Celcom Mobile.

Friday, March 26, 2010

# Bali Hunting #

April iz just around d corner & yerp meaning my 2nd hubby-wifey trip (honeymoon in other word) dh nk dkt...yeaaayyyy..yeayy..even we r always bile jln yg jauh plus naik flight so it consider s honeymoon... so far hotel, supir sume dh book..we r decided to hav free-and-easy package trip...since only two o us yg pegi..senang la kan..gamble ajela..hubby dh explore & search all d information bout Bali..where shud go..where don't. ..which restaurant halal,non-halal.. Talking bout the trip,since we decided to have free-and-easy,hubby tell me not to bring luggage bag..just bring bacpac..easy plus don't bring too many baju or seluar..nti bleh beli kt sn yesterday I go MV to buy my bacpac and cap. rase excited tgk bag yg I nk ade kt butik..penat cr b4 dis xjmp & the sa ckp tg april nti brg br msk..skali kt mv ade satu aje lg yg xckp..I want wayfarer..mcm Paris Hilton pkai kt entry I yg sblm nih..

*** match x my bacpac & cap ***

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

# new look #

Hey... I'm kinda boring wit my blog layout...thinking o to change d layout...hermmm...can u guys gimme some interesting site that offer a gorgeus,beautiful,yet simple template fo my blog...** sbb dh lm x upd blog kan,skg br terhegeh2 nk pk tkr layout kan **.. Since my laptop is not wit me its kinda difficult for me to make a layout changes..I can't upd via hp dowhhh...upd entry,upload photo okla kan..but ssh jgk coz d picx can upload tp will b at the top jea..ssh la I nk put any caption kan..nk wat kt office.. Haishhh quite berchenta la jugak..nk kne cover2..heyy tpt I ,laluan org rmai k..kang org igt aku xwat keja nk hrp wat kt laptop sendiri kne tg weekend la plak me buat je ajela kt opis.. So sementara tg ujan stop try to search any website yg ade template2 yg besh... Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device via Vodafone-Celcom Mobile.

# Rayban Wayfarer #

Wooott...woott..wooott..I'm feel in love wit dis me... Tuela last time hubby suh pkai xnak..sibok dgn Esprit I yg lm tue bleh I ttp syg,chenta,manja ngn I nye glasses yg dl..I bought it at tue x femes lg kot wayfarer nih.. But now I tgk rmai yg my Paris Hilton & Jessica Alba oso wear it...oooohhhh I want it.. Ada sape2 rs x nk bg I hadiah..I xminx lbh just dis glasses only..puhhhllsshhhh....♥ ♥ ♥ .. Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device via Vodafone-Celcom Mobile.

# make money #

Hi peeps, Just wanna share wit u to earn more money.I already get it within less than 1 hour I got back my money..if interested email me at Thanx.. Hav a nice day peeps.. Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device via Vodafone-Celcom Mobile.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

# Mee Udang Mak Jah #

Last Sunday me,hubby & pil sent my sil back to her MRSM,Taiping. Since me & hubby hav other agenda besides sent his sister so we go there wit 2 cars...1st ayah ask hubby to join them,coz my bil pz & mamat refused to follow..mayb boring coz xtau nk wat apekab plus dh besar...

That was my 1st time go to mrsm taiping & I dot noe either the school is at town or jauh just follow hubby even he also don't noe d exact location.but he noe mrsm is same ways go to bukit larut...hermmm bukit larut....I wanna go there.but hubby refused..its ok dear s long s we can eat MEE UDANG MAK JAH...hehehhe...♥ ♥ ♥ ...

Around 400pm we arrived at mrsm..I love the environment...mcm ade kt kg...bunyi cengkerik pon ade...& hostel is sebelah bukit..scary but peace..& heyyy ade waterfall there..u can c it while u are at a pondok guard...sure mlm2 sejuk aje wonderla my sil like to stay there..yerla dis was her 1st time stay far away from her family..

After sent her at her her frenz,helping her to tidy up her,..around 530pm we decide to going back.pil straight away back to Ipoh,while me & hubby go to Kuala Sepetang..otw to KS,we stop at I don't what they called it..but it seems like a pasar but hav a food court..hubby stop there & bought popia bsh hj omar, if im not mistaken..the famous popia at larut matang.. Sgt sedap...until now I msh terasa2 kesedapannye..hopefully I can have it again...

Then we straight to Kuala Sepetang..firstly we don't know which kedai yg best their mee udang..I asked my frenz..but she didn't replied my we just along d road we c too many kedai/stall yg jual mee udang..mak miah la,pak hussien la,mak ape ntah la lg...until at one selekoh hubby nmpk ade 1 signboard showed "mee udang mak jah 7km"..dpn lg "mak jah 5km" from dat we noe sure mak jah's is d best...we follow d instruction & luckily we found it.yess too many people there..we just ordered mee udang biasa for two & ice lemon tea,& tea o ais..bcoz we already fulled wit popia sedapp..frankly I told u..the kuah mee udang mak jah sggggttttt sedappp..dapp..dapp...nti nk try lg..the prawn sgtla byk spai I xtermkn plus mengada mls nk kopek kulit...hehehhe

But ma frenz ckp ade lg satu yg sedap..mee udang hj.salleh kt port time will try coz ms tu pon dh lewat petang..hav back to ipoh..then reached ipoh,we stop at jj bought butter cake & wall ice cream fo ma bil...his besday actually...

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# Wedding Preview #

Hey ere some o my wedding preview in my collection - nikah : wit jerra & sis ita Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device via Vodafone-Celcom Mobile.
Testing ...
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# i mishh blogging #

Hi cm dh lm x upd blog quite bz wit many thingy..haishh.. My weddz picx oso not upload yet..but if u wanna c it just go to my fb..find azua salleh.. Hey u noe wat im still not get my fully coverage of my wedding..(i'm still not receive my wedding album yet).my photog too bz with his work until he did not hav a time to finish editing ma picx.too bad for me s Its already 2 months and 23 days from my day..spai dh nk msk 3 bln dh ni..everyone ask me "Ehh album kawen dh siap ke"..."Nti nk tgk picx kawen aritu" "bla..& bla..& bla...".. Hi photog...hopefully before end of dis month I can get my gorgeous wedding album ya.. My life as hubby-wifey so far alhamdulillah...everything goin fine..thanx hubby fo Ur loving,caring,I leshh u so much..muahxz..muahxx.. Even we stay far...but our love is always growth.. Later I upload ma wedding picx yg adela dua tiga kerat tue..even dh almost 3 months kawen but we Always feels like we are newly-wedd..ouuchhhh.. Gtg to finish ma work if not ma boss will kill me..