Saturday, February 28, 2009

* Missing *

I miss my niece n my nephew so much..probably by this week i can see all of them coz my cousin INA kawen this Sunday. cepat je my cousin ni kawen. She's engaged on 261008. This year rmai yg kawen, my frenz, my cousin, my sis, n insyaAllah me also..:).
..They will get marry.. ~ my cousin Aina : 080309 ~ ~ my cousin Zira : 160509 ~ ~ my Sis La : 310509 ~ ~ n InsyaAllah me : date not confirm yet ~ with my niece ~ my nephew n niece ~

Friday, February 27, 2009


~...what a sad story, everything happened for a reason...~
diambil dr one of my frenz's fb..just like the sentence.ape sj yg berlaku either sad or happy, always become with a reason.

* kamu *

saya rindu kamu..

* Template oh template *

adoi..penat i wat template last time..abis ilang. nti nk edit for now just use this one.esk me blik ipoh.yeay..2 weeks x blik n im missing someone there..dia missing i ke x erk??

Thursday, February 26, 2009

* host yg slow *

bosan plus ngantuk today..smlm me tido lmbt around 130am. penat jln plus lapar plus runsing.. spai je ofis me buka pc, then my ba said that i dh bleh run job yg dh pending as she got the CV date today. sib baik la kan. if not, delay lg my UAT. tgh i run job ni, tetibe host slow gile. bygkan submit job since 915am but then at 11am still not finish. gile ke hape host ni. pdhal selama ni if i run that network around 10mins dh bleh today, spai lunch xjgk abis2. so biar kan aje la dl. lunch we decide to go to SOGO as our frenz azrin want to buy car accessories. she bought a car(MYVI) last 2 weeks. so nk decorate ckit her new punye cr..xjmp yg menarik. so we go to d foodcourt. me xtau nk mkn ape coz td dh mkn chicken bun. hermm sedap. so just buy bubur pulut hitam. the bubur is quite ok. then blik spai ofis check job yg me submitted this it can be soooooooooo long to finish this job. haiisssshhh... so now ngantuk x abis lg...stop jap keja, n then write sumthing b cont.... ****** i missed someone voice ********

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

* im not in mood *

haisshhh... im not in my mood since smlm decide to go that bleh menaikkan mood blik. planning utk berjln2 sambil melihat2 ape yg last terbeli jgk sumthing 4rm jj.hehehe.. but benda yg dibeli itu mmg nk dr dl.plak tu ade JCARD day, so mmg berbaloi la beli.. ok..nk cont my work. hope i get my mood today...hermmmm.

Monday, February 23, 2009

* Menci menci *

mencik nye....layout me edit xjd la plak kalo bkk kat ofis.. haisshhhhh..kne install more fonts kat office ni.hehehe..:) bleh plak la ek jengok2 blog kat ofis mmg me slalu bk blog,fb,fp kat ofis pon.ampun boss.hehee.. arini quite bz la kat ofis.ngn bos yg asyik bz ngn meeting plus discussion. ditambah plak ngn job yg nk kne submit by eod.adoii penat2.. hopefully UNISYS xkan wat byk prob lg ngn us.. pasni kne liase plak ngn satu lg our vendor utk project SPICK. kali ni ngn OPENSYS plak.harap2 xbyk hal cam UNISYS yg kdg2 xreceive file from us la..late send file to us la. dh la project ngn OPENSYS ni aku yg wat. kalo ade prob, mau mlm2 kne berjaga ni..huuhh... xpela hopefully everything will b ok..gtg..nk tgk tv.even xde cite yg menarik arini. daa....

Sunday, February 22, 2009

* Sunday Mode * xde watpe.jus lepak kat umah..need to wash my clothes.. argggggggghhhhhhh penat..need more time to rest.. to my Syg, i love u so much..

Saturday, February 21, 2009

* Hello !!!! *

Hello... This my first entry...enjoiceeeee..