Tuesday, April 05, 2011

My Lil' Fizzuan Aqeel

when i see ur face, when u were sleep, u were smile hati mommy rs tenang sangatsangat. i dunno how to describe that feeling. i never feel bored to see it again n again n again. sesungguhnya mommy nk fizz tahu yg mommy terlalu syg fizz.
when u sleep, then suddenly u smile.. i know mayb u meet sumone that u loved in ur dream. i just hope that the person in ur dream was me or mayb ur dad.
sometime i feel like to stand besides u every hour, every minute, every second..just to see ur smile, to listen ur voice while screaming, crying.. Dear fizz, ur smile, ur laugh are always in mommy's mind. we both mommy n baba loved u sooo much

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mohd.fizal said...

Baby fizz yg deboob...............