Thursday, April 14, 2011

milk booster ke???

haaa...nie cite ptg td ms kt ofis..normally kat opis i akn pump 3times or kdg2 kalo x sempat sgt 2 times..sgt ckit kali kan..awal2 dl 4 the result was sgt laa bombastic.. but after sdh start byk keja trs jd 2/3times je. so td aft lunch plan mau pump at 3pm..but tgh running2 job, trs lupe and tgk jam sdh 4 o' naik surau dl semayang.aft abis prayer then tibetibe perut rasa sgt2 lapar..ohhhh my..lunch td sungguh tidak dpt menahan kenyang. pegi tpt ude, n minx ckit food.tptku sdh amik stock mknan. she gave me biscuit oat and tiger creme choclate..sgt sedap..nyumnyum.. so start to pump..mknan anakku nti x ckp. tghtgh pump sambil mkn...then suddenly tertgk....ooowhhhh my.. sdh nk dekat 8oz...4oz each bottle.alhamdulillah. pg td dpt 6oz plus ptg nie dptla 14oz..sgtsgt terima kasih pd ude.. actually title ats merefer kpd biscuit oat itu..mmg ade dgr org ckp yg oats can be a milk td bile mkn terasa mcm nti mau beli itu oats bykbyk. ~ evening session ~
~ a milk booster i guess ~

my fav picx today is
~ one happy family ~


mohd.fizal said...

klu baba pump sti mega boosta!!!! hahaha..

mummy-to-fizzuan-aqeel said...